02 December 2014

Dear colleagues!


Next seminar will be held

on December, 2 at 16:00 in the department of glaciology of

Institute of Geography

(Vavilova st., 37).


Polina Polumieva will present us:

A 9111 year long conifer tree-ring chronology for the European Alps: a base for environmental and climatic investigations K. Nicolussi, M. Kaufmann, Thomas M. Melvin, J. van derPlicht, P. Schießling and A. Thurner The Holocene 19,6 (2009) pp. 909–920


Ekaterina Dolgova will tell us:

Summer droughts depress radial growth of Picea abies in pristine taiga of the Arkhangelsk province, northwesternRussia Tuomas Aakala, Timo Kuuluvainen Dendrochronologia 29 (2011) 67–75


Please, prepare small report about articles you read.



Everybody are invited!

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