01 November 2011

 Dear colleagues,


November 1st (Tuesday) at 12:00 pm on Vavilosa st., 37 (second floor)

the seminar of department of glaciology will take place


The subject of seminar: Glacier Maruh

 S.S. Kutuzov, I.I. Lavrentiev, D.A. Petrakov (MSU), U.Ya. Mecheret

1. Results of field work on the glacier Maruh on summer 2011 (radar sounding, DGPS)

2. Comparison of obtained data with previous research and aerial and satellite images
Everybody are invited
P.S. Especially we would like to invite participants of the works on glacier Maruh during 1967-1975 and 1975-1983.
If you have any photographs and data about glacier Maruh, please, bring them with you or contact to S.S. Kutuzov (s.kutuzov@gmail.com).

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