21 April 2011

Dear colleagues,


We invite you to the preliminary presentations of two PhD works, specialization 25.00.25 - "Geomorphology and evolution geography"

Joint session of three departments (paleogeography, climatology and glaciology) will take place in the conference hall of the Institufe of Geography RAS (Staromonetniy, 29) on the 21th of April at 11 am


 11.00-13.00  - Maximova Olga E. "Dendrochronological of climatic and hydrological reconstructions on the Central Tien Shan"
Reviewers: corresponding member of RAS, Dr. V.V. Klimenko and Dr. V.V. Popova

13.00-15.00 - Matskovsky Vladimir V. "Possibilities and restrictions of climatic signal reconstructions using tree-ring width of conifers in the Center and North of European Russia"
Reviewers: Dr. A.B. Shmakin and Dr. D.E. Rumyntsev


Scientific leader of two works: corresponding member of RAS, Dr. O.N. Solomina

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