Ivan I. Lavrentiev
Affiliation and official address:
Glaciology department, Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 119017 Moscow, Russia. Tel/Fax: +7(499) 125 90 11/+7(495) 959 00 33 E-mail: ilavrentiev@gmail.com
Date and place of birth: 20.09.1981, Moscow, Russia                      
Nationality: Russian
1998 - 2004 - Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Moscow, Russia, Faculty of Geography, Department of Cryolithology and Glaciology;
2009 - PhD in Geocryology and Glaciology, Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University;
2004-2008 - Post graduate student at MSU;
2002-2004 - MS in geography at MSU;
Selected courses taken: Fundamentals of Glaciology, Regional Glaciology, Advanced Avalanche Study, Geomorphology, Climatology, Cartography, Mass-Balance of Glaciers, Recreation Glaciology, Permafrost in Highlands, Structural Glaciology and other.
Dissertation theme: Regime and structure of glaciers at Nordenskiold land (Svalbard), based on remote sensing methods.
Thesis: Dependence of glaciation of mt. Elbrus on volcanic activity and climate change;
Course papers on: Snow cover and recreation potential of the highlands, Volcanism and its modern effect on glaciation in Kamchatka peninsula;
Participant of nine scientific practices and academic expeditions to the Caucasus, Kamchatka Mountains and Taymyr peninsula;
1998 - Academic practicum on General Geography, Moscow region.
Glaciology department, Institute of Geography RAS, research associate, from 2000
Research interests: glaciology, radio-echo sounding, ice-core drilling, internal structure of glaciers, glacier-climate relation, assessment of changes in spatial extent and surface elevation of glaciers using remote sensing; paleoglaciology;
Fieldtrips – RES (VIRL, Ramac), DGPS, mass balance measurements, shallow drilling, temperature logging
Software – Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine (basic) RadexPro (RES processing software), AutoCAD (basic), TopconTools (geodetic data processing).
Languages: Russian – native, English - good
Field experience:
2005-2012 - 8 expeditions to Central Caucasus (mt. Elbrus, Djankuat glacier, Bashkara glacier, Bezengi glacier region) and Western Caucasus (Marukh glacier): ground based and airborne radio-echo sounding of 15 glaciers and shallow/deep ice core drilling at Elbrus western firn plateau
2003-2012 – 6 IGRAS and collaborative (with Technical University of Madrid and Stockholm Universiny) expeditions to Svalbard (Norway), 3 of them in frame of the European Science Foundation Project “SVALGLAC”:
2012 - RES studies of Fridtjovbreen, Dahlfonna, Erdmanbreen; temperature logging on East Grenfjordbreen; 2011 - RES studies of Tungebreen, Gleditschfonna; 2010 – RES studies of East and West Grefjordbreen, Tavlebreen; 2007 - RES studies of Fridtjovbreen, Aldegondabreen, Tavlebreen, Hansbreen and Airebreen; 2005 - RES studies at Fridtjovbreen; 2003 - Permafrost active layer studies in Barentsburg area.
2006 - RES studies of frontal parts of outlet glaciers on Franz Jozef Land and Novaya Zemlya;
2004 - Mass balance studies at Djankuat glacier, Central Caucasus;
2002 - RES studies at Garabashy glacier, Elbrus, Central Caucasus;
2001 - RES studies of crater Gorshkov glacier of Ushkovsky volcano, Kamchatka;
Ongoing scientific projects:
  1. Volume of Caucasus Glaciers and its change since mid-20 century, RFBR, project 11-05-00728, 2011-2013, participant.
  2. Glacial hazards at stage of recent climate change, participant, RFBR, project 12-05-00391, 2012-2014, participant
Recent scientific projects:
  1. Influence of water on regime and dynamics of glaciers, RFBR, project 10-05-00133, 2010-2012, participant
  2. Changes in inventories of ice in the North Caucasus from the mid XX century. Grant of the President of Russian FederationМК-875.2011.5 (2010-2012), participant
Conference participation
2007 - The dynamics and mass budget of Arctic glaciers, Pontresina, Switzerland, Oral report.
2008 – International symposium on Radioglaciology, Madrid, Spain, Oral report.
2010 – IPY Oslo Science Conference, Norway, 2 Posters.
2005-2012 – Russian Glaciological symposiums, Oral reports and posters.
Recent selected publications:
Macheret Y.Y., Kutuzov S.S., Matskovsky V.V., Lavrentiev I.I. (2013) On ice volume estimation of mountain glaciers, Ice and Snow, 3 (119), in press. (in Russian)
A. Martin-Espanol, E.V. Vasilenko, F.J. Navarro, J. Otero, J.J. Lapazaran, I. Lavrentiev, Y.Y. Macheret, F. Machio (in press). Radio-echo sounding and ice volume estimates of western Nordenskiold Land glaciers, Svalbard. Annals of Glaciology.
Murray T., James T., Macheret Y., Lavrentiev I., Glazovsky A. and Sykes H. (2012) Geometric Changes in a Tidewater Glacier in Svalbard during its Surge Cycle. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research, Vol. 44, No. 3, 2012, pp. 359–367
Kutuzov, S.S., Lavrentiev I.I., Macheret Y.Y., Petrakov D.A. (2012) Changes of the Marukh glacier from 1945 to 2011 Ice and Snow, 1 (117): 123-127. (in Russian)
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Мачерет Ю.Я., Глазовский А..Ф., Лаврентьев И.И. Вода в политермических и теплых ледниках. В кн.: Экстремальные природные явления и катастрофы. Том II. Геология урана, геоэкология, гляциология. Российская академия наук, М., 2011, м. 152-179.
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V.N. Mikhalenko, I.I. Lavrentiev, S.S. Kutuzov. "Paleoclimatic ice core study at Mt. Elbrus as a base for new paleoclimate reconstruction for mid latitudes of northern Hemisphere." - Changes of Natural Environment and Climate in 8 vol. Vol.3 part 2: Natural Processes in Polar Regions, IGRAS, 2008, pp. 118-124 (in Russian).
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Conference proceedings:
A. Martín-Español, E. Vasilenko, F. Navarro, J. Otero, J. Lapazaran, I Lavrentiev, Yu. Macheret, F. Machío, A. Glazovsky (2013). Radio-echo sounding and ice volume estimates of western Nordenskiöld Land glaciers, Svalbard. Proceedings of The Arctic Science Summit Week 2013, Krakow, Poland.
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Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 15, EGU2013-767, EGU General Assembly 2013.
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Other interests: music, photography, snowboarding/freeride, cycling, tourism.