Kuznetsova Veronika



Occupational field:


Dendrochronology / Climate reconstructions/ phenology




Moscow State University

2011, Geographical faculty, Department of environmental management

Master of Ecology and Environmental Management.

Thesis title: dynamics of phenological phenomenon in central part of the Russian plain. Analysis of phenological events for climate trends bioindication (40 events, timeline 50 years). 

2011, Faculty of further education

Licensed geography instructor.

Thesis title: Phenological observations as a component of ecological education in high school.


V. Kuznetsova, A. Minin, E. Golubeva Phenological phenomena in bioindication of climatic trends, vol. 5, pp. 97-101, 2014


O. Solomina, V. Matskovsky, G. Pronin, I. Boldin, G. Massalitina, V. Mihalenko, V. Kuznetsova. 2014. Dendrochronological research in Kaluga and Smolensk regions: the state of the problem and new results. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference "Russian Principality, Lithuania and the Horde in the ethno-cultural relationships." The State Museum-Reserve "Kulikovo Field". 12-14 November 2014.