Mikhail Alexandrin
Research scientist / PhD student
Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences

Occupational field:
 Paleolimnology / Lake sediments / Paleoglaciology / Climate reconstructions

2004 – Moscow State University.
Geographical faculty. Department of world physical geography and geoecology.

Field expeditions
·         Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences (IGRAS). Department of Glaciology. Field works and expeditions including lake sediment coring and dendrochronological research (Western Caucasus, Russian Plain).
·         Institute of Physicochemical and Biological Problems in Soil Science of Russian Academy of Sciences (ISSP RAS). Participation in expedition field works and mountain permafrost research. Kluchevsky volcano group, Kamchatka. Joint Russian-American expedition on the basis of the government grant of NASA Astrobiology Institute and programmes TCP and CALM. (08.2006 - 10.2006, 08.2008 - 10.2008, 08.2009 - 10.2009, 09.2009-10.2010, 08.2011 – 09.2011, 08.2012 – 09.2012).
·         Analytical Centre of Moscow State University (AC MSU). Participation and guidance of engineering-ecological and engineering-geological field expeditions (Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Yakutia, Khabarovsk region).


Technical skills and competences

Experience in gravity coring of lake sediments – with improvents of existing coring tecnique (Western Caucasus) and further processing of the sediment core (Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Novosibirsk, Russia, IGM RAS).

Experience in dendrochronological sampling and lichenometric measurements for moraine dating (Western Caucasus).

Experience in permafrost field research – including drilling with motorized permafrost drilling machine, sampling, working with thermometric loggers, measuring active layer depth.

Competences of working with foreign literature sources and periodicals and written and oral translation on geoscience theme.     

  • Alexandrin M. Sediments of proglacial lakes as a basis for uninterrupted chronologies of the Holocene glacier variations // Ice and Snow. 2015 Vol 1. [in Russian]
  •  Darin A.V., Alexandrin M. Y., Kalugin I.A., Solomina O.N. Relation between meteorological data and geochemical characteristics of the present-day bottom sediments of the lake Donguz-Orun, Caucasus. Doklady Earth Sciences, 2015, Vol. 463, Part 2, pp. 842–846.
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  •  O. Solomina, I. Kalugin, M. Alexandrin, I. Bushueva, A. Darin, E. Dolgova, V.Jomelli, M. Ivanov, V. Matskovsky, D. Ovchinnikov, I. Pavlova, L. Razumovsky, I. Chepurnaya. Sediment coring of Lake Karakyol (Teberda valley, Western Caucasus) and prospects of reconstruction of the history of glaciation and climate of Caucasus // Ice and Snow, Moscow, 2013, Vol 2. [In Russian].
  • Mikhail Alexandrin, Olga Solomina, Ivan Kalugin, Andrey Darin, Atle Nesje. Sediment coring of the proglacial lake Donguz-Orun (Northern Caucasus) CL2.13. EGU 2014. European Geophysical Union, Vienna, April 2014
  • Solomina O., Kalugin I., Darin A., Chepurnaya A., Alexandrin M.  Late Holocene climate history recorded in Karakyol lake sediments, Central Caucasus // CL1.9. EGU 2013. European Geophysical Union, Vienna, April 2013.
  • Mikhail Alexandrin. Sediment coring of lakes of Western and Northern Caucasus as a basis of reconstructions of glacier fluctuations and climatic history of the region // The Dynamics of Modern Ecosystems in the Holocene, Kazan, 2013 
  • Olga Solomina, Mikhail Alexandrin and Vladimir Matskovsky. Global and regional patterns in the Holocene glacier fluctuations records // PAGES OSM07, Goa, 2013

Language proficiency
English: written and oral – fluent.
French: intermediate

Mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, freeride snowboarding