Our research directions

The focus of our studies is high the resolution multi-proxy paleoreconstructions of climate and glacier variations. We use glaciomorphology, ice core analysis, mass-balance of glaciers, glacier length variations, tree-ring analysis, including both climatic reconstructions and tree-ring dating, historical records, borehole thermometry and modeling.
We are interested in the glacier and climate variations during the Holocene with the focus on the high resolution records of the last millennium.

Most our sites are located in the high mountains – Caucasus, Tien Shan, Kamchatka, Tibet, Cordillera Blanca, but we also do research in the Arctic and Antarctic. Several projects concern the climatic reconstructions in the non-glaciated areas (Crimea, Kunashir, Sakhalin). You will find here as well the overviews on Holocene glacier variations all over the World.