Polar Urals

The PolarUralsMountains (66-68º N., 63-67º E.) is stretched from the northeast to the southwest (from Konstantinov Kamen' mountain to mountain Kolokol’nya). The average elevation of the Mountains is  600-800 m. In the east the area contacts the Western-Siberian platform, and in the west - with the Russian platform. The Polar Urals belongs to Komi, Nenets and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous regions.

Map of Polar Urals.

Polar Ural Mountains is a unique area in the Russian subarctic were  mountain glaciers are regularly monitored since 1958.   Therefore it is really important for the study of the evolution of glaciers and  sub-arctic environments.


At the time of the IPY (1882-83) the glaciers in this region  were not yet discovered. In the IPYII (1932-33) the first expeditions explored the glaciers. The most comprehensive data was obtained during the next filed campaigns (IGY (1957-1959), IGD (1965-1974) and IGP (1975-1981). In the period from 1982 to 1998 there were no scientific expeditions in Polar Urals. The new phase of research begun in 1999 and the research continued during the IPY (2007-2009).

Here you can find some works of artist Sofja, who visited Polar Urals within our expedition in summer 2010: http://sofja-sofja.ru/polar-ural/

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