Summer temperature in Kunashir during the last four hundred years

In cooperation with G.Jacoby, R.D´Arrigo, and N.Eremenko

In July of 2001 tree cores were extracted from centuries-old oaks (Quercus crispula) and developed into a 400-year tree-ring width index series. Taxus baccata chronology is 200 years long and generally agrees with the oak chronology. Analyses showed the oak ring-width indices to correlate strongly with summer (June-Sept.) temperatures as recorded at Uzhno-Kurilsk on the Island (FIG. 1 and 2) The summer temperatures were reconstructed using the tree-ring data and 52 % of the variance was explained by the tree-ring indices (FIG. 3).The recorded temperature data and the tree-ring data show similar correlation patterns with sea-surface temperatures of the North Pacific. Studies of North Pacific variations, as quantified by the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), show the PDO to be an important index of large-scale climate variation. The tree-ring series explains more than 33% of the variance of the July-Sept. Pacific Decadal Oscillation and has similar spectral properties, further supporting the concept of multi-decadal variation or shifts in North Pacific climate.

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Fig. 1 Fig. 2
Fig. 3, Jakoby et al, 2004

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