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Tree Ring Laboratory
Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences


Our tree-ring laboratory is associated with the Glaciological Department of the Institute of Geography RAS.  Main topics that we are developing are
•    dendrogeomorphology (dating of moraines, debris flows, avalanches, volcanic eruptions, lahars etc.
•    dendroclimatology and dendrohydrology
•    tree-ring dating of archeological and architectural monuments.

We consider the multi-proxy reconstructions including apart from the tree-rings also ice core and lake sediments records as one of the most important direction of our activity. We also combine the tree-ring reconstructions with the borehole temperature reconstructions, pollen analyses, dates of moraines, buried soils etc.

We cooperate with the Russian and foreign tree-ring laboratories in the Sukhachev Institite of Forestry SB RAS (, Moscow University of Forestry (, Institute of  plant and animal ecology UB RAS (, Institute of Archeology RAS (, University of Arizona (, Lamont Observatory ( 

Our logotype is a crow manufactured from the piece of black oak 1000 years old collected from the bottom of the Sura river (present of V.Kazakov – head of the firm «Black oak»).

Here you can download programs for pointer years identification (Pointer Years, help in Russian only), and format conversion from .xls to .rwl (xls2rwl, help in Russian only). All programs need MCR library to be installed (download here).

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